A Full House

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Despite having nearly one million residents, the island of Oahu, Hawaii can feel like a small town. Thus, I had heard through the “coconut wireless” that “Tom” and “Kathy” were expecting a baby as I awaited the birth of my own second child. Months later, I was heartbroken to hear that the baby had not […]


Adoption Celebration – A Different Perspective

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I had such a wonderful meeting over breakfast this morning with one of the women I advocate for through her adoption plan. She always looks so pretty, but today she arrived wearing something extra special… She shared that the beaded jewelry she wore around her waist was custom made to adorn her growing belly. She […]



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AAAA很荣幸能与Mediaplanet合作开展 "生育力的未来 "活动!尽管每8对美国夫妇中就有1对在为怀孕而奋斗,但在不孕不育方面仍有很大的污点。这项活动旨在打破这种污名,并分享推动生殖保健的资源、教育工具和创新。通过查看[...]了解更多信息。


辅助生殖新闻 - 2020年6月30日更新

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长时间的胚胎储存似乎降低了怀孕的成功率 怀孕的几率随着长时间的胚胎储存研究而降低。缩短冷冻胚胎的储存时间与怀孕成功率有关 瑞士。瑞士人获得国际代孕的人数比以前认为的要多 调查显示代孕婴儿的数量令人吃惊 CRISPR CRISPR基因编辑产生不必要的DNA缺失 CRISPR基因 [...]