Month: March 2020

הגבלות דרכון חדשות שעלולות לנטש ולפריד משפחות

By AAAA-Admin / March 30, 2020 / Comments Off on New Passport Restrictions Potentially Strand and Separate Families

In its continuing mission to protect families formed through adoption and assisted reproduction, AAAA issued a press release today urging the Department of State to ease the restriction on the issuance of passports to allow parents to obtain this necessary document for their babies born through gestational surrogacy. To read the full press release, click […]

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שחרור על תנאי הומניטרי לאזרחי ארה"ב עם אימוץ מלא

By AAAA-Admin / March 27, 2020 / Comments Off on Humanitarian Parole for U.S. Citizens with Completed Adoptions

Today, the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA) and National Council For Adoption (NCFA) issued a joint press release calling upon the Department of State to grant humanitarian parole to the children of adoptive families who are unable to receive an adoption visa in a timely manner so that the families may safely […]

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COVID-19 וסגירת מחלקת המדינה של ארה"ב של סוכנויות דרכונים

By AAAA-Admin / March 26, 2020 / Comments Off on COVID-19 and The US State Department Closure of Passport Agencies

The shut down of regional passport issuing offices, and the directives to only issue passports in life or death situations, is creating very concerning delays for parents coming to the US and hoping to return home with their newborns as soon as possible. AAAA sent the attached letter to Secretary of State Pompeo and to […]

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