Month: November 2021

Let it Go: How one adoptive couple accepted open adoption

By AAAA-Admin / November 30, 2021 / Comments Off on Let it Go: How one adoptive couple accepted open adoption

“The trees are about to show us how beautiful it can be to let things go.” – Unknown. This summer I began representation of a young potential adoptive couple.  They live across the country, so when the expectant mother went into labor this fall the baby was born by the time they reached the small […]

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Celebrating National Adoption Month

By AAAA-Admin / November 29, 2021 / Comments Off on Celebrating National Adoption Month

Adoption stirs up many images in people’s minds, such as the old-fashioned orphanage where children were placed and prospective adoptive parents came to visit and “choose” their child.  That scene was most recently depicted in the movie “Stuart Little”.  That is not the case here in the US, as orphanages have been replaced by foster […]

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Thankful for Adoption

By AAAA-Admin / November 25, 2021 / Comments Off on Thankful for Adoption

All month long we have been posting positive or inspirational adoption stories provided by our AAAA attorneys. As the Executive Director of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, I do not have the privilege of dealing day-to-day with biological parents or prospective adoptive parents or even handling any part of an adoption at […]

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Offsetting The Cost of Adoption

By AAAA-Admin / November 24, 2021 / Comments Off on Offsetting The Cost of Adoption

As we celebrate National Adoption Month, here is an article written by Sally Wildman, one of our AAAA Attorneys who previously practiced adoption law in Illinois before retiring this year. The article provides some helpful tips on how to allay some of the costs of adopting. Read the full article HERE. — The attached article […]

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Congressional Coalition on Adoption Advocates for International Adoptions

By AAAA-Admin / November 23, 2021 / Comments Off on Congressional Coalition on Adoption Advocates for International Adoptions

Coalition on Adoption Caucus Co-Chair, Senator Klobuchar recently brought up international adoption in a Judiciary Committee hearing with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Below is a brief transcript of the exchange. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security November 16, 2021 KLOBUCHAR:  Thank you. Last question here; along with Senator Blunt, I […]

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From Empty Nester to New Parent

By AAAA-Admin / November 22, 2021 / Comments Off on From Empty Nester to New Parent

J and P were long time foster parents. They were about to be empty nesters as their youngest child had just gone to college when they agreed to be a respite short term foster placement for a child who needed temporary care. Little did they know that this decision would change their lives forever. I […]

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